LIVE Academy Sessions

Events that have (VIDEO) in the title have recordings viewable by Members of the Visionary Arts Academy. All events contain info about the featured Artists.


What is an ARTJAM?

Members of the Visionary Arts Academy get access to several ARTJAM sessions a month, where artists from around the world come together to cocreate and share their visions!

Watch this video to see a few excerpts of recent ARTJAM sessions, featuring epic visionary artists like Amanda Sage, Ka Amorastreya, Jake Kobrin in VR, Simon Haiduk, Michael Garfield, Randal Roberts, and many more.

What is an INTERVIEW?

The Visionary Arts Academy regularly features different Artists, exploring their lives, history, and the inspiration behind their artwork. They share techniques, insights, visions, and much more.

Interviews are regularly recorded for viewing by any member of the Visionary Arts Academy. Watch this recording to learn more about our Interview sessions.