In the Studio: Tessa Mythos

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March 27, 2018 - 6:00 pm US Eastern


March 27, 2018 - 8:00 pm

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Join us In the Studio for this special live INTERVIEW and ARTJAM with Tessa Mythos in the Visionary Arts Academy recorded Tuesday March 27th 2018!

Born in Victoria BC, Tessa Mythos is a multi-disciplinary visual artist who has lived and shown her work Internationally in a range of manners and mediums, including galleries, forests and city walls.

She is currently focused on oil painting and learning the painting techniques of old masters. Mythos has worked with found object sculpture and assemblage, moveable sculpture, large abstract painting, murals, street art, silkscreening, block-printing, costume design, acrylic painting, collage, and the continuation of her ongoing graphic novels and illustrations  (A Faery Tale, Earthsong, Mythology, Book of Secrets).

As a self-taught artist, she believes in experience as the greatest teacher. Her work is based on an ongoing study of mythology and spirit (personal and universal) and explores the inter-relationships of symbol in culture and nature.

Mythos is inspired by the realms of spirit and magic, faery tales, animals, nature, folklore, prophecy, medicine and the healing arts, infinity, love, death, evolution, sacred symbolism, primal expressionism and the subconscious and conscious aspects of the human psyche. These topics all find their way into her work.