INTERVIEW & ARTJAM: Jennifer Michelle Long (VIDEO)

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March 30, 2017 - 8:00 pm US Eastern


March 30, 2017 - 10:00 pm

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Join us for this special INTERVIEW and ARTJAM with Jennifer Michelle Long in the Visionary Arts Academy at 8pm EDT on March 30th 2017!

Jennifer Michelle Long was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1988. In the earliest years of her life, she lived in Los Altos, California where many of her earliest memories were of her drawing. In 2008, she received a scholarship to The Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she looked forward to continuing her artistic education and pursuing her passion for painting. After studying painting at the Academy for two and a half years, Jennifer decided to accelerate her independent ideas of art and began an internship with San Francisco-based artist Hilary Williams whom she worked with for several months.

In 2012, Jennifer traveled to Italy to attend the ‘Expanded Visions’ painting seminar to study the renaissance painting technique called the ‘misch technik’. Here, she was introduced to this lineage of art with international artists Laurence Caruana, Maura Holden, Amanda Sage, and A. Andrew Gonzalez.

In 2014, Jennifer studied with Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Mantra Cora in Boulder, CO to deepen her study of the Mische technique and to explore the diversity in this lineage. Here, she was greatly inspired by Philip and his way of teaching. She studied with him again in Payerbach, Austria the summer of 2016.

Jennifer has relentlessly exhibited her work galleries and locations in the United States, such as Salt Lake City, Ukiah, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Denver, Spokane, and internationally in Brazil and Austria.

Currently she is residing in Southern California where she is focusing on various projects and fully rendering her ongoing artistic vision.

“I am inspired by a multitude of imagery, as I use symbolism, abstraction, and figurative elements in my work. In my process, I work from concepts I see in my minds eye, people that inspire me, and the intuitive information that expresses itself through me when I let go and allow the painting emerge itself. I explore forms and metaphors that bridge the face of internal worlds and how they are connected to the external worlds. Using elements of realism and abstraction and honoring our cosmic truths, my paintings are windows into the sacred. I see my art as a devotional practice, and a key tool for my own personal development healing journey. My work is dedicated to sharing insights that offer a new way of
seeing, being and feeling. “

– Jennifer Michelle Long