Interview & ARTJAM with Erial Ali (VIDEO)

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July 6, 2017 - 8:00 pm US Eastern


July 6, 2017 - 10:00 pm

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Join us for this special INTERVIEW and ARTJAM with Erial Ali in the Visionary Arts Academy at 8pm EDT on Thursday July 6th 2017!

Erial is as as much an Explorer as he is an Artist. He has spent over 40 years developing his consciousness and artistic abilities to be a clear channel for the works that come through him. The images he brings to life are representations of beings and worlds beyond the Earth: the subtle realms of the Spirit World.

His images represent levels of awareness or consciousness, and he is very careful in how energies are depicted in his works. They are also all elements from Erial’s “Grand Story of Universal Transformation” in progress, a new Mythology he’s writing and illustrating as a Graphic Novel to account for the many discoveries he’s made while in Visionary and Dream States.

My Spiritual Mission is to release energy/information, as art and ideas, from various realities in order to help facilitate in the viewer conscious integration at a higher level of being. We live within a sea of energy/potential and with our intentions we constantly “create”, and “recreate” ourselves by what we choose to focus upon.

In the Divine imagination we navigate with the mental/emotional energy we are expressing at that particular moment. Here there are spirits and other vibrational coherent entities that resonate with that energy and can amplify it’s affects.
Art that radiates from a higher plane of existence effects the viewer by sympathetic resonance.

My mission as an Artist and Storyteller is to help the emerging Planetary Civilization live in the light of Eternity.

To capture a moment of transcendental beauty, and then share it with others, is my delight and duty. To reveal Wonders, is my everlasting privilege.