INTERVIEW: Jennifer Ingram of Tribe 13 (VIDEO)

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April 5, 2017 - 8:00 pm US Eastern


April 5, 2017 - 9:00 pm

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Watch this special INTERVIEW with Jennifer Ingram of Tribe 13 in the Visionary Arts Academy from April 5th 2017!

A group of eclectic, artistic people from all walks of life fit into Tribe 13, forming a strong artistic conglomeration. Tribe 13 began as a vision from the artist, Roman Villagrana who said, “We are all going to come together, attracting many people and spiralling out into the world. Through positivity, art, music and culture we are going to change it all for the better.” Tribe 13 is all inclusive and everyone is welcome to participate. Since the beginning we have created places for everyone to share their artistic endeavours in art, music and fashion.

“Art has been the foundation of Tribe 13, my community base for the last fifteen years. Tribe 13 travels everywhere to share our community vibe. Through art we are forming a next wave, an inclusive and inspiring global family.

“The spirit of Tribe 13 is inspiration. We are inspiring ourselves and others to always take it to the next level, reaching up to our highest potential through sustainable living, organic foods, yoga, preserving the planet and being more conscious. Community is sharing as brightly as possible. Success has come from doing what we know: inspiring people to make more art.”

– Jennifer Ingram