INTERVIEW & ARTJAM: Michael Divine

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October 10, 2017 - 8:00 pm US Eastern


October 10, 2017 - 10:00 pm








5pm PDT, 8pm EDT, 12am UTC
next day: 5:30am IST, 10:00am AEST


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Join us In the Studio for a special INTERVIEW and ARTJAM with Michael Divine in the Visionary Arts Academy at 8pm EDT on Tuesday October 10th 2017!

Michael Divine’s artwork follows in the footsteps of the Symbolist movement of the late 1800’s as it progressed through the Modern Art movements of the early 1900’s. His work is as much inspired by Futurism, Impressionism, and Abstract Artists as it is by the Surrealists and the Fantastic Realists and today’s modern Visionary Art movement. From Wassily Kandinsky’s intuitive balance of line and color to the bold movements of Umberto Boccioni to the psychologically deductive landscapes of Salvador Dali, the elements of the past inform Michael’s art and provide a groundwork to build upon. His work continues a living artistic lineage and narrative adding a very present spiritual component to this artistic vision.

Passionate and serene at once, Michael Divine’s work speak the universal language of beauty. Drawing on his dreams and personal experiences and inspired by everything from art, architecture, and music  to nature and the human condition, his work explores the merging of the inner and outer worlds. He translates this experience into breathtakingly sublime imagery that illustrates the journey of the inescapable phenomenon of human existence.