The Experience of Creating Your First Work of Art

The Experience of Creating Your First Work of Art

What was it like creating your first work of art?

Do you remember drawing or painting as a child?

Are you beginning to create your first artistic expressions now?

What does it feel like to you to create something entirely new and original?

  • Adam Apollo

    Welcome to the Discussion!

  • Lauren

    I do remember painting in Kindergarten, and it was my favorite thing! I can even remember the way the paint smelled, and the smell of my dad’s old shirt that I had to wear over my clothes 🙂 When I was 8 years old, my parents put me in a special art class to take my mind off the fact that I had a brand new sister. I was always being told that I was an artist. In retrospect, I’m not sure how helpful that approach was, because when I got to university, I thought I already knew everything, and resented having to take ‘drawing’ and 2-dimentional design, etc. At the same time I was intimidated by some of the other students who I could see were way ahead of me. It has taken me a long time, but I am very excited about learning and seeing everyone else’s work now.

  • Angel Fritz

    Lauren I too remember being pulled to the art table in the class room at the age of 5. The paint, paper,crayons and crafty glue was mesmerizing to me, and yes the smells! Oh those earthy musky waxy smells! I asked for a spirograph for christmas and after my wish was granted I remember being lost in the geometric patterns. My parents were like . . . what is she doing? It has taken me over 40 yers (yep that’s 4 zero years) to blow my artistic box open again. I’m finally evolving myself and my art without any formal art schooling. I guess I’m a prototype for art unschooling 🙂 Very much looking forward to connecting with others here and evolving my art so that I can get to the next level.

    • Lauren

      So good to hear Angel! I think it is so courageous when I hear people overcoming their barriers and following their heart’s desire. Good luck with your work and keep on keepin’ on!

  • Kate

    Angel and Lauren it was really cool to read your responses! The ebb and flow of artistic engagement over time is something I resonate with, too. (Angel I’m excited you spoke of spirographs – I’d forgotten about those little tools ’till just now!).

    I forget what it was creating my first works of art, to be honest, but I recall there was always present a deep desire to draw. Comic books, novels and books relating to the novel stages of animation roused my interest at a young age, and I would create my own works and emulate the worlds of video game, comic and fantasy novel creatures endlessly.
    Very new, are these visionary understandings of art. Like the comments I’m reading here, I was immersed in art until academic art and a university in an unrelated field swallowed and hid the visual artistic desire for many years. Creating now is an adventure. I’m learning that there is no such thing as a mistake, only part of the process: which makes art a lot more exciting! Also learning that every artist has her or his place in the world – every expression is valid and beautiful. That’s helped me see my own works in an almost childlike, entranced way.

    So exciting, to be in this artistic community and during this very creative time on Earth more broadly!