Sacred Geometry I – Now Open!

Sacred Geometry I – Now Open!

An Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Featuring Ka Amorastreya

In this course, Ka Amorastreya will take you on a journey through geometry, and it’s relationship to human culture, nature, and our understanding of the universe. You will gain an intimate understanding of the power of numbers 1-10 in the world and how they are used in Art.

The course includes several techniques to create each geometry, and tons of bonus material like Metatron’s Cube, Athena’s Web (the Weave of the Goddess), Golden Rectangles & Spirals, and more.

This course is now open!

Course Now Open:

Are you interested in taking this course?

If so, are there any specific topics you would like to learn in the area of Sacred Geometry for future courses? Please leave us a comment below and share why you are interested in learning about Sacred Geometry in your Art.

  • stephanie

    This morning I saw an option to register for the course, but not anymore….

  • Adam Apollo

    Hey Stephanie, the course is now open for registration, and you can access it immediately:

  • Anna Birdy Ball

    Hi–How much does this course cost? Thank you.

  • Adam Apollo

    Hi Anna, the course is currently $77


    • Anna Birdy Ball

      thank you!

  • Annie

    I’m a bit confused about what happens after I purchase the class. Is there a timed schedule of when the videos will be live? Or are they archived and I will be able to watch the videos at my own pace?

    • Adam Apollo

      Hi Annie, the class videos are all high quality prerecordings. You can take the course at your own pace, and interact with other students in the discussion area, chats, or in our ARTJAM sessions.

      Ka is almost always hosting the ARTJAMs and is available for questions on the course anytime.


  • Teresa Paula Casaca

    Hi, this course is now available? Another question: the course includes several techniques to create each geometry and teaches painting sacred geometry?

    Thank you