Color and Tone

Color and Tone

Exploring Color & Tone

Featuring Justin Buus

In this course, Justin Buus will be sharing insights into different approaches in the Art of color, tone and value. The ability to properly use color is an important tool in any artists toolbox. Justin will help you understand how to use color to create vibrant images, whether you are painting, drawing, using a computer, and more.

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  • Ainhoa

    I have a big struggle when I am painting to decide which one to use in my process, do you plan it before?

  • blaukomorebi

    Im quite new on painting otally self-taught. Since 2 years ago it has changed my life and I can say I found what I really like to do, my passion. I think Colour and Tone is a basic issue, and I´d love to learn deeper on this field.