Intro to Perspective – Now Open!

Intro to Perspective – Now Open!

Introduction to Perspective

Featuring Mark Henson

In this course, Mark Henson shares insights into different approaches to creating perspective in your artwork. From one point, two points, three points, and more, Mark will help you understand how to use perspective to create realism, and visionary surrealism, through painting, drawing, digital art, and more.

Course Now Open!

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  • Parker

    Really looking forward to this class! Just started pushing my perspective this past year and I’m always curious for more pointers!

  • Veronika Rose

    I’m very excited for this class and to learn from Mark. I’m so grateful for this Visionary Arts Academy, what a great idea! much love and blessings.

  • Veronika Rose

    Yay! Just signed up. So excited to learn from you Mark!