Sacred Geometry and the After-Image

Sacred Geometry and the After-Image

Hey everyone! Wishing you a happy day/night wherever you are!

I have a question, specifically involved with the creative form of sacred geometry (as that’s what I’m learning about right now!).

I had a very poignant experience today after crafting images using basic sacred geometry, and watching videos/art works of the same nature.

I sat in contemplation after these viewings, and while I was looking impassively at a blank wall, I suddenly came ‘out of my head’ so to speak and into the recognition that I was seeing layers upon layers of subtley-coloured line-shapes. Those first confusing moments of miss-recognition struck me as an almost spiritual see-ing into the subtle layers of reality as though suddenly laid bare in thread-work in pattern and colour, it was a very interesting experience.

My thoughts are that the distinct line based form of the geometrical structures I was viewing crafted an after-image that superimposed various iterations of structure in layers upon my consciousness, thus leaving an impression of a many layered continuuom in the form of a colourful after-image when I ventured to look elsewhere.

Has anyone else experienced this? It’s relatively commonplace to come upon images of shapes that distinctly encourage an afterimage to form (words of distinct colouration on a white background, for example).

The experience made me wonder if this line-and-curve base of structure in sacred pattern actually creates a very real, deep mental impression that is perhaps enhanced in power due to the structural integrity of the sacred geometric shapes? It was an interesting thought, on the plane of sensory impressions and after-effects; that perhaps there is a carving out of impression at a different depth of sensory input/output by including the linear base of sacred geometry in one’s work. A leaving behind of impression related to the sacred geometric form, giving those forms an after-life in the minds eye for a longer period of time? I’m not sure how viable that query is; just some thoughts after an experience that I’d never encountered before!

Anywho just some thoughts that are of no true consequence… and my sincere apologies if this is worded in a way which confuses!




Art by Andy Gilmore