Quick Sketch of Me:



My Vision for the World

My Vision for the world is that we all passionately see each other as equal, dissolve boundaries and embrace one another. I wish to live on truly free land with a community who contributes their unique gifts and talents to sustain us on every energetic level. I want to be within the whole image of collaborative artists, freed from the political bonds enslaving humanity. We choose to come back here and continue reaching those that are seeking liberation,  and connection to our earth through spiritual practices in every form from farming, building, arts and so on.

In another dimension on earth I’d love to begin building from our physic center again. When enough of us steadfastly hold the Unified vision and erect structures only fathomed by pure imaginative forces. With clarified intuition, intention, and deliverance we can build a beautiful reality, or simply re-enter one that is present. I imagine that we even breathe lighter in another reality here. The dream i have is to transfigure present structures into something of our imagination!