Quick Sketch of Me:



My Vision for the World

I believe in wild.
I believe in light.

I am, Lisbeth, a self-taught, visionary

artist that merges technology with traditional mediums to create new interpretations (metamorphoses) of myth and archetype. I am also a hopeful, eclectic, deeply spiritual, no bullshit seeker that heeds the traditions of ancestors, gurus, mystics, shamans and wild, wise women in order to create a life and body of work that is filled with spirit and beauty and magic and meaning.

                                                          (I believe in the alchemy of transformative thinking, and that creative union with the Divine is the philosophers stone.)

Individually, my art serves as talismans and spiritual offerings and prayers to the Divine.

(I believe in holy juice and radiant, transformative mystery,           and that our passion and desire is what ultimately transforms this world.

                                                 I believe in stars and signs and moons.)

Using a flexible range of tangible media across a wide range of surfaces and contexts, my work is a union of the creative all-soul which explores shamanic and mythological constructs by incorporating art and talisman to create a (third) phenomena, or magical reality.

                                             (I believe that what leys between the lines,                                                                    the spaces between the notes                                                                         the pauses in conversation                                                                     and other liminal phenomena                                                                                     is where we need to                                                                                     pay attention, most)

In the end, my augmentation of phenomena is dedicated to the celebration of the alchemical union of the holy feminine, and an offering of beauty and praise to the sacred, invisible world that gives us life.

                                                                                    (I believe in magic
and you)

All of the work that you see on this site is produced by She Who Is (Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman).

Market prints, posters and other ephemera are listed here on this site and Amazon.

For media, private consultations, graphic art requests, wholesale inquiries, line sheets and commissions, please query here.

Pain is inevitable; suffering, optional. Magic is a choice.
(Rise with me, and remember: You are loved.)