Residual Income

More Exposure

No Financial Investment

Empower Your Community

Residual Income vs Linear Income

Residual Income

Teachers in the Visionary Arts Academy make up to 60% of sales of their course, forever. Most artists spend a large amount of time producing products, from prints to giclees, posters to calendars, clothing to stickers. Yet every round of physical production requires more investment, forcing artists to spend more money each time they want to create income.

Online courses take some time to create, but once you have published your course, you will get paid for it automatically and instantly, every day, forever. While you can do additional launches and marketing to boost sales for your course, these efforts are not required. As more courses and students are added to the Visionary Arts Academy, more people will find out about your course and buy it, with zero effort on your part.

Let’s run the numbers…

Congratulations, you created a course for the Visionary Arts Academy! It took you a few hours to plan your approach, a few days to write some text and assemble images, and a few hours to get some decent video for an introduction and exercises.

Now it’s launch time, but you don’t have a mailing list at all! Fortunately, we have some awesome marketing partners. We decide to charge $100 for your course, since it is fairly comprehensive and offers lots of practices, insights and techniques. Since you provided your own video and media (worth 10% of the course), you get 50% of the course income ($50 per course sale). You decided to have your friend who is good with WordPress produce the course online for you, so you give them 10% of the course income.

At Course Launch, we send a few emails out to 100,000 people about your course…

10% of those people come to check out the course, but most of them just sign up for more updates from the Visionary Arts Academy and review our free materials. They are not quite ready to buy your course yet.

Yet 5% of those people who came to check it out buy it!
So 0.5% of our 100,000 people end up purchasing your course… 

Example Scenario in chart: Teacher makes 50% for course text and media. Teachers can make up to 60% when online course production is handled as well. We provide a complete instructional series covering How to Create a Course.

Above: Potential Cumulative Teacher Income over three launches.
Below: Screenshot of actual Resonance Academy income data.

The Resonance Academy was designed and developed by Superluminal Systems, who are building the Visionary Arts Academy in partnership with SolPurpose and the Visionary Arts Foundation.

How much can I make?

Here’s a rough estimate example:

0.5% of 100,000 = 500

If 500 people buy your course during the Course Launch Week…
And you make $50 per course sale…

500 x $50 = $25,000

You could make $25,000 during the Course Launch Week!
(all course purchases are instantly transferred into your PayPal account upon sale)

500 x $10 = $5000

Your friend who helped you produce the course makes $5000!

But that’s not where the story ends… That’s just the first week!

During the following weeks, only 10 more people buy your course each week:

10 x $50 = $500

You are making an average of $500 per week from only 10 new students.

4 weeks x $500 =
$2000 per month

In this scenario, your potential residual income may be as much as $2000 per month.

With some basic living income like that, you’ll be able to focus your time on doing more of what you love: creating more Art!

(A LOT) More Exposure

The growing community of Visionary Artists is amazing. Individually, many of the member artists of the Visionary Arts Foundation have large networks and lists, and our partners have even larger networks. Together, these lists add up! Here’s a few examples of supporters and partners of the Visionary Arts Academy:

EWAO Networks

EWAO Networks

Earth. We Are One.

888,000+ Facebook Likes
70,000+ Mailing List

Marketing Partner of Superluminal Systems & VAA



Visionary Network

226,000+ Facebook Likes

Development & Marketing Partner of Superluminal Systems and VAA



Global Network

978,000+ Facebook Likes
6M+ User Reach

Marketing & Promotional Partner

Visionary Art Books

Visionary Art Books

Facebook Page

629,000+ Facebook Likes

Promotional Page Partner with shared Admin by VAA Teachers and Artists

Randal Roberts

Randal Roberts

Visionary Painter

31,900+ Facebook Likes

Currently in development of a course for the VAA

Ka Amorastreya

Ka Amorastreya

Visionary Artist & Founder

15,800+ Facebook Likes

Faculty and Academy Founder in development of courses

Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer

Painter, Graffiti Artist

380,000+ Facebook Likes

Planning a course and recording media.

Mark Henson

Mark Henson

Visionary Painter

14,000+ Facebook Likes

Currently in development of a perspective course.

Yet as many of us know, real exposure is more than Facebook reach. The Visionary Arts Academy has other promotional partners and will regularly promote new courses to several mailing lists reaching nearly 150,000 subscribers daily.

So how much does it cost to become a Teacher?

Ready to learn how to create a course?

Learn all the steps of creating a course through our free “How to Create a Course” program.

The process is easy and fun, and will give you the guidelines to create an amazing online course!

To get access, you’ll need to fill our a Teacher Application:

$0.00. Free. No Cost. Nada.

That’s how much upfront investment you have to put into creating your own course in the Visionary Arts Academy.

Of course, you could pay to build, manage, and maintain your own online academy. You could pay for your own hosting, security, updates, licenses, and marketing. You could spend a year or more designing it, developing it, working out the bugs, and managing the whole process… It took the experts at Superluminal Systems over $300,000 and 18 months to assemble this online education and community platform.

But hey, you’re an Artist.
Wouldn’t you rather be creating Art?

Share your Art, create a course, make money, make a difference.